New phone number: 01942 807670

Repeat prescriptions email: [email protected]

Practice charter

Looking after my health

I can consult a team member, in confidence during working hours to get advice about my general health.

I shall get a personal invitation to have a health check at the surgery if I have just registered with the practice.

I shall be offered a yearly health check and /or home visit if I am 70 years or over.

I can expect to receive a copy of the practice booklet setting out services provided.


I can expect to be given appropriate intervention via Ask My GP

I will cancel an appointment if I cannot attend

I will be informed of any delays occurring during consultation times

I will be seen within 20 minutes of my routine appointment time: non-routine appointments may have to wait longer


I can expect to be referred to an appropriate specialist acceptable to me when the doctor thinks it necessary.

I will be given a telephone number to ring the booking clinic for NHS appointments.


If I have a medical condition that needs a repeat prescription, it will be ready for me to collect within 2 working day of my request.

When I visit the surgery

I will be greeted courteously and directed efficiently at reception and on the telephone.

I will always know to whom I am speaking.

My privacy and dignity will always be respected.

If a team member I consult would like a student to attend a consultation, I have the opportunity to agree or say ‘NO’ before the consultation begins.

The surgery will be clean and well decorated.

It will have facilities to help the disabled.

It will have facilities for keeping children occupied.

My medical records

The practice team will keep my medical records confidential.

If I wish to see my medical records, I must consult the practice manager with a view to being informed about my rights under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Reports from medical records will be completed within 4-5 working weeks when circumstances allow.

Comments, suggestions and complaints

If I have a complaint/comment about the way things are run, I can contact the practice manager.

I know my complaint/comment will be taken seriously and dealt with in private. It will be confidentially looked into and I will get a reply/or a chance to talk about it within 3 working days of initial contact.

My suggestions or complaints can be made without any worries of upsetting the patient/practice relationship.

Obligations as a patient

I will make requests for repeat prescriptions in good time.

When tests have been done, I will contact the surgery for the results.

I will make every effort to be on time for my appointment and notify the practice in advance if I am unable to keep the appointment.

I will not smoke on the surgery premises.

I will be understanding of the fact that medical priority will take precedence in all matters relating to surgery appointment times, provision of prescriptions, home visits and correspondence.

I will not request a home visit for reasons of personal convenience.

I will accept advice over the telephone where appropriate.

I will accept that most staff have sufficient information to assist and direct me to the most appropriate therapeutic intervention. I will try to state clearly exactly what I am requesting.

I understand that I will be treated with courtesy and friendliness and so I, as a patient, should treat team members in the same way.

I understand that the smooth running of the practice and the services provided depends on my following the Practice Charter and I agree to do so.

I accept that if I do not adhere to the Practice Charter, I may be reasonably requested to transfer to another surgery.

Violence and abuse

We take seriously and threatening, abusive or violent behaviour against any of our staff or patients. If a patient is violent or abusive, they will be warned to stop their behaviour. If they persist, we may exercise our rights to take action to have them removed, immediately if necessary, from our list of patients.


If you are not happy with any of our services, or if you have any suggestions for improving them, please let us know, either in writing or in person to the practice manager.