New phone number: 01942 807670

Repeat prescriptions email: [email protected]

Test results

Results are received from the laboratory daily, and need to be checked by the doctor.  It is practice policy to rely on the patient to phone up and ask for the test result.  After it has been checked the receptionist will be able to inform you if any action is required.

How can I receive my results?

Please telephone between 11.00 and 15:00 for results. If you are due to attend for a regular review you do not need to ring for your results as these will be discussed with you at your review appointment.

Who can receive the results?

Information will only be given to the patient concerned, and not to relatives or friends unless that person has given prior permission for their release or if they are not capable of understanding them.

How soon can I find out my results?

Please allow 4 – 7 working days for the results, although certain tests may take shorter/longer time to come back.

Results are not always available over the telephone and may require an appointment with either the doctor or practice nurse to discuss further.